Divya’s Daily Deal 2/2/12 A rare deal on “Losing My (True) Religion (Jeans)”

As good as I think I am at finding deals, there are some things that never seem to come on sale, and of course, these items just happen to be the things I need want the most. I mean would it hurt Louis Vuitton to give us a little “sumpen sumpem” now and then? Side Note: I lost the shoulder strap to my Eva Clutch

Half of my Eva Clutch

which allows it to also be worn as a cross body bag, and to replace the strap it’s gonna be $150.00. 150 bucks for a strap. Needless to say I can’t bring myself to pay for a new one, so now I only use it with the chain.

Anyway, this little issue  is the main reason (other than just good sense)  I make sure to save on the little stuff; it makes up for the big stuff. In my mind at least. :)

The best scenario all together though, is when the best stuff comes on sale! You guys know I’m all about “the best for less”. So…I’m so excited to share that Neiman Marcus is having an online only, 40% off contemporary sale with free shipping (CODE:SHIPNM)! I can not tell you how fabulous these deals are! I mean stuff is on sale that never comes on sale.

So today’s Daily Deal is up to  40% off on True Religion Jeans from Neiman Marcus!

A freshly laundered pair.

True Religion is/are? my favorite jeans, they are are soft, stretchy, age well, and fit amazing. I wear either super flared ones or skinny jeans, because well…I like extremes, and they do a fabulous job on both.

Here are some of my faves from Neimans.

1. Carrie Lonestar Slim Flared. OR $189.00 SL $113.00 These (shown above) are my favorite everyday day jeans!

Carrie Lone Star True Religion

2. Joey Super T Arena. OR $319.00 SL $191.00 A little less flare, more on the bootcut side.

Joey Super T True Religion

3. Jodie Glitz and Glam. OR $264.00 SL $158.00 These have “diamonds” on the button caps. Not too obvious or tacky, but subtle glam.

Jodie Glitz and Glam

There are a ton of other jean brands on sale as well in case you aren’t a fan of the True Religion ones! I just can’t get over what a steal these are! I may have some explaining to do to the deal Gods for my bad behavior in the past.

What are your favorite brands of jeans for your body type?

I would love to get a list on the site of your faves by build!

Happy Dealing!


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6 Responses to Divya’s Daily Deal 2/2/12 A rare deal on “Losing My (True) Religion (Jeans)”

  1. Holy crap. $150 to fix a strap?? That’s madnesss! Also, that’s a lovely pic of the two of you. Very cute!

  2. Samantha says:

    First of all, I didn’t know you had the Eva!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute little thing!!! And that really stinks that a replacement is so expensive!

    Secondly, I love True Religion jeans too, but I’ve never bought them at a retail place like Nordstroms {usually TJMaxx} because they are NEVER on sale!! Awesome find Divya! :)

    xo, sam

    • Thanks Sam! I love the Eva too, Rish got it for me 2 birthdays ago! Plus she’ll always be my fav because she was my first louie :) And I totally wish i could find TR at txmaxx! I end up just buying them retail because I know they will hem them and I figure that saves some money right? Now I’ll wait for this sale though!

  3. I LOVE True Religion jeans! Especially the dark washes with the pockets like in the first pic (or sunshine rainbows :) )

  4. Kim says:

    I definitely feel your pain. I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy and accessories can be super expensive. That is wayyyy too much for a strap. LOL I love True Religion jeans. It’s nice when companies offer big sales. But many times those deep discounts are few and far between.

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